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HKU SPACE degree

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HKU SPACE is a continuing education institution under the University of Hong Kong, dedicated to providing high-quality professional education and training for the majority of working people and lifelong learners. Obtain HKU SPACE diploma online. The following is some information about HKU SPACE:

1. Introduction to the School: HKU SPACE was established in 1965 and is one of the oldest continuing education institutions in Hong Kong. The school upholds the fine traditions of the University of Hong Kong and has provided a large number of outstanding talents to the society. Obtain HKU SPACE diploma certificate, 購買香港大學專業進修學院文憑

2. Course Setting: The school offers many part-time and full-time courses covering business, finance, accounting, logistics, public administration, law, humanities and social sciences, engineering, information technology and other fields. In addition, the school also has a full-time international degree program, providing diversified further study paths for associate degree, Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education and International Baccalaureate graduates.

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3. Teaching Facilities: The school has multiple branches and teaching sites, including Admiralty Teaching Center, United Teaching Center, Hong Kong Island East Branch, Kowloon East Branch, etc. Students can enjoy rich academic resources and a good learning environment. I am looking for a HKU SPACE official transcript in Hong Kong

4. Faculty: The college has a high-level faculty team from the University of Hong Kong and other well-known institutions with rich teaching and practical experience.

5. Academic recognition: The quality of HKU SPACE’s courses and academic level are widely recognized, and graduates have high competitiveness and reputation in the job market.

6. International cooperation: The college actively cooperates with well-known institutions and companies around the world to provide students with rich academic exchanges and internship opportunities.

7. Alumni resources: As alumni of the University of Hong Kong, students can join the huge alumni network, meet outstanding talents from different fields, and expand interpersonal communication and career development space.


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